Corpse Bride

22 Jun 2015

Finally, Victor and Victoria are together, and it seems that the story has a happy ending.

And finally after suffered a long pain, Emily finds the peace.

She walks out the door, turns into thousands of butterflies in the moonlight. The butterflies fly towards to the moon.

the Bad

I think her life is sorrowful, even when she is an undead.

There are two kinds of men who always hurt the girls like Emily, who are beautiful and sweet, kind and innocent.

The first one is the guys like Lord Barkis, who are handsome, mysterious and sophisticated.

He lied to her, cheated her, murdered her. He was really a bad guy, he tried to lie to the whole world, and should and also had been punished.

This is a kind of explicit evil.

The second one is the guys like Victor, who are also good looking but naive and irresponsible.

He was far away from ready for the marriage with Victoria. He always tried to make things right, but in fact just made it worse.

He practiced the vows in the dark woods, and placed the wedding ring to Emily's skeleton finger unintentionally.

After Emily misunderstood that, he did not try to explain that at the first time, instead of that, he try to cheat her and make use of her to take him back the Land of the Living.

In fact, He didn't love Emily. After he was told by Mayhew that Victoria would marry Lord Barkis, he decided to marry Emily in the name of keeping his promise.

This is another kind of implicit evil.

the Sweet and Kind

Even was betrayed, and was hurt by the greatest evil in the world, she still kept her wonderful personality, and she is Emily.

She tried to love Victor, try to make him happy. Though she was in shabby, she gave Victor his long-dead dog, the Scraps. I think that is very sweet of her.

Even after he had cheat her, hurt her, she still loved him very much:

Yet I feel my heart is aching.

Though it doesn't beat, it's breaking

And the pain here that I feel

Try and tell me it's not real

I know that I am dead

Yet it seems that I still have some tears to shed.

She was also kind, at the church, after she finished her part of the vows, she noticed Victoria, she stopped Victor from drinking the wine of ages. And finally, she choose to set him free.

"I love you, but you are not mine"


And now, I've been missing you so much.

I've been keeping practicing the vows for a long, long time:

With this hand I'll lift your sorrow

Your cup will never empty

For I will be your wine

With this candle I'll light your way in darkness.

With this ring I'll ask you to be mine.

Hope one day I will find you, I will protect you from the evil in this world.

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