jekyll-multiple-languages 2.0 is released now

26 Dec 2015

jekyll-multiple-languages 2.0 is released now.

In the past half year, I was so busy with my work and life that I did not notice that this plugin was broken with Jekyll 3.

Thank @bobgle for reporting this issue, but I was still have no time to fix it.

Thanks to the holiday in the past Christmas, I fixed this issue and most of the open issues.

In this release, I've tried to make this plugin simpler and easier to use:

  1. Removed some some useless variables and configurations which are vague, for example:

    url_no_language, no_fill_default_content, fill_default_content

  2. Rewrote the document site and the sample project for this plugin.

  3. Updated the sample project, make sure it contains all the futures in this plugin.

    Sample project:

    Sample site:

Happy coding!

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